Coal Care Guide

The tips, tricks, and knowledge from the hookalogists of the Hubbly Bubbly on how to maintain and service your hookah needs.

Why Natural Coals?

Unlike most hookah lounges or bars, The Hubbly Bubbly Hookah & Café uses natural coals instead of spark coals, otherwise known as instalight coals. There are many reasons why other lounges use speak coals, but we aren’t like other hookah spots. We want to set the standard for what a quality hookah should be.

Natural Coals vs. Instalight Coals

Naturals – Clean taste, Odorless, More heat, Long lasting, Eco-Friendly, Take longer to light, Need a coil burner to light Instalight Coals – Gives an ashy, chemical flavor to shisha, Carries chemical-like odor, Less heat, More convenient (lit with a lighter)

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How to control the heat in your hookah bowl ?

1. Distribution of heat throughout your bowl will allow for the best flavor of smoke.
2. Do not place your coals towards the middle of the bowl. This will cause excessive smoke and make it difficult (harsh) to inhale.
3. If you are getting a difficult feeling during an inhale, look at your glass base to see if is filled with thick white smoke. If it is, lightly exhale (blow) through your hose and smoke should come out of the air valve to clear the base, try removing one coal, and then inhale again.
4. If you have done the following steps and are still having difficulty inhaling then be sure to notify one of the hookalogists at HB. Remember you can easily press the white light at your table for service and we will be right over. We will be right with you to expertly take care of your hookah.

History of the Hookah

Many of the various names of the hookah are of Indian, Turkish, Uzbek, Persian, or Arab origin. In areas like South Africa or regions of Europe, local residents specify their hookah with the name hubbly bubbly or an Okka pipe. This is popular amongst the Cape Maylay and Indian populations. Wherein it is smoked as a social pastime. Narghile is from the Persian word Nargil, or “coconut”, and in Sanskrit Narikera, since the Original Nargile came from India was made out of coconut shells. “Shisha” is from the Persian word Shishe, or “glass” (this is the correct literal translation, not bottle)
“Hashishe” is also an Arabic word for grass, which may have been another way of saying tobacco. Hookah may stem from Arabic Uqqa, meaning small box, pot, or jar. Both names refer to the original methods of constructing the smoke/water chamber part of the hookah
Nargile is the name most commonly used in Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Greece, and Israel, through the initial “n” is often dropped in Arabic. “Shisha” is more commonly seen in Egypt. In Iran, it is called Ghalyoun or Ghalyan and in Pakistan, it is referred to as Huqqa.
The origins of the hookah pipe are argued over by many. The main countries claiming to be the mother of the hookah are India, Turkey, Egypt, and Syria. The likelihood is the pipe in its many forms probably made an appearance in more than one country independently and through ancient trade routes started to take shape into what we now consider standard form. Most of the world’s pipes today are crafted in Syria, Egypt, and Turkey.

Parts of the Hookah

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About our Hookahs

Here at the Hubbly Bubbly Hookah & Café, we strive to be the best. That’s why we use only the best hookahs when serving our guests. Every hookah we have is an authentic Khalil Mamoon Hookah, otherwise known as a KM hookah.
First off, Khalil Mamoon hookahs are individually handcrafted in Egypt, down to the last detail. The designs on the bases and the shafts area handcrafted as well, so don’t be surprised when it appears as though they are painted by hand – they were! This handcrafted effort yields an unmatched authenticity to the traditional Egyptian design scheme. It ensures that no two hookahs will look exactly alike, a feature that no mass-hookah can reproduce.
Combined with our Skilled Hookalogists and our choices of premium shisha, we dare say that Hubbly Bubbly offers the best hookah experience….in the world.

The Menu

Explore a Wide variety of Flavors & Signature Blends

Haze Tobacco


Frozen Mixed fruit

Tropical Beach Cocktail

Pumpkin Pie dessert

Orange cream swirl

Ice cold peaches

Banana bread pudding

Chill blue berries

burst of berries

Cool exotic fruit

Frozen mint “Pann”

Floral candy mix

Chocolate mint

Cucumber margarita

Gummy bears

Cool tropical fruits

Sweet candies

All melon mix

Sweet summer fruits

Hazel nut coffee

Chilled sweet fruits

Pina colada

Intense sweet smoothie

Berry margartia

Cool bubble gum


Ice Tip $3.50

Ice Base $3

Add Flavor $1.50

fruit bowls


Orange $25

Apple $25

Signature Blends


The Hubble Bubble

Cool,refreshing burst of berry flavors topped with exotic fruit

The Panhandle

“Berry Sweet’ fruit smoothie with a chill twist

The Scissortail

Summertime pina colada topped with sweet candy


Pumpkin spiced chocolate mint with a side of banana pudding

KD Trey

Tropical orange cream swirl served with frozen fruits

The Russ

Bubble gum margarita smoothie-the cheech and chong special

Route 66

Cool cucumber with mixed summertime fruits


Frozen fruits with floral undertones and a hint of bubble gum


Ice Tip $3.50

Ice Base $3

Add Flavor $1.50

fruit bowls

Pineapple $35

Orange $25

Apple $25


Nicotine/ Tobacco free $15

hurricane Aurora After dark

Vanilla birthday cake
Dr.23(Dr.pepper )
citrus twist


Double Apple(nakhla available)
lemon Mint


Ice Tip $3.50

Ice Base $3

Add Flavor $1.50

fruit bowls


Orange $25

Apple $25

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