Jim Conway

Jim Conway is a rap artist who challenges the status quo in a music industry riddled with negative role models. He makes a bold attempt through his music to bridge the gap between the street and hiphop culture. Since the early age of thirteen Conway has been gracing the stages of Midwest and Southern venues.
As the Executive Director and founder of the Guerrilla Breed Collective Conway has been on a mission to impact Oklahoma City by utilizing homegrown talent and authentic Hiphop culture. Conway also hosts two of OKC’s top monthly Hiphop showcases (Heart of Hiphop & Art of Rap). The purity and realness of his music continues to win many over and redirect teens towards a better path. Through this style of music he has been able to show that it is who we are behind the music that speaks to people’s souls. After 19 years in the industry, Conway’s faith remains at the center of his music. Conway never misses the chance to share his life experiences if it means impacting the youth of Oklahoma City.